Friday, March 19, 2010

Time To Play!

For a little over a year now, we have been working hard on our new site, We've also launched a new blog called The Play Forum, and hope you join us there as we cease posting here on

At The Play Forum, you will find all the great toy, video game and fun content that you have come to expect here but way more of it!

So please join us at The Play Forum!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fun In The Sun at Atlantis

Shannon Eis and The Toy Guy race down one of the eight water slides at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in The Bahamas. Check it out to see who wins!

Monday, January 25, 2010

This Week's New Video Games

by Jeff McKinney (follow me on Twitter)

The traditional January drought of new games continues but things are looking up for February with a bevy of new games slated for release. Until then, I'm continuing to catch up with all the games from 2009 that I didn't get to spend enough time with and keeping an eye out for the occasional new game in the rough. Following is just such a game.

Fast Food Panic (Wii. rated Everyone)
Game Description:
Create the best restaurant in the world by cooking up yummy dishes, making your customers happy, greeting them when they stop by, and keeping your restaurant squeaky clean in this vibrant and fast-paced restaurant simulation game.

Keeping a top-quality restaurant takes a lot of work, and your waitress will need help-keep the place clean, make deliveries, ring up customers, and more.

Also features three difficulty levels, over 10 additional cooking mini-games, and Free Mode to replay completed levels and try for the top score. Unlock fun cooking mini-games to further hone your skills Three levels of difficulty for beginners and master chefs alike

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Time To Play Video: Minotaurus

Our buddy, Jim Silver, has a new video over at that tells you all about Lego's new game, Minotaurus.

Watch the video here.

For more videos like the one above, please visit the Video Center at

Monday, January 11, 2010

This Week's New Video Games

by Jeff McKinney (follow me on Twitter)

Now that the holidays are over, the gaming industry takes a little breather and only releases a handful of new games each week. That's ok because it gives us a chance to spend some quality game time with the games we received for the holidays or never got around to finishing last year. This doesn't mean that there aren't any new games worth checking out. In fact, this week brings the release of a game that I have been very excited about since I first got a demo of it last year.

Vancouver 2010: The Official Videogame of the Winter Olympic Games (Mac, PC, PS3, Xbox360. Rated Everyone)
Get ready for the Winter Olympics by participating in some of the most popular winter sport events without leaving the warmth of your home. Sega's Vancouver 2010 features 14 events, including giant slalom, snowboard cross, downhill and bobsleigh.
Look for Vancouver 2010 in stores and Online January 12, 2010