Monday, July 09, 2007

We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Blogcast

Hopefully like us, many of you were able to take a long holiday break thanks to the 4th falling on Wednesday last week. And if you are anything like the gang here at ToyGuy headquarters (God help you if you are) today marks the day you report back to work. But just because we are back to work doesn't mean we can't try to keep the good vacation vibes flowing does it?

To help everyone ease back into the work week, we wanted to talk about the time-honored, Summer tradition of vacation. More specifically, we want to get you thinking about your vacation and decided to launch a new poll to find out when you take yours.

You can answer the poll below or in the right side column.

When do you take your Summer vacation?
Around Memorial Day
During June
Around July 4th
During July
During August
Around Labor Day
I don't take a Summer vacation
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