Friday, August 24, 2007

Bring the Carnival Home

Carnival Games for the Nintendo Wii allows you to bring all the fun and excitement of the carnival into your living room without the crowds and scary carnival folk.

Carnival Games is packed with more than 25 classic carnival, fair and amusement park games including Clown Splash, Ring Toss, Frog Leap, Shooting Gallery, Day at the Races, Hoops, and even a fortune telling Great Swami that is right out of the movie Big.

Thanks to the game's advanced engine and mechanics, all the physical action required of the player and in-game responses are incredibly life-like and true to the carnival experience. For example, in the Alley Ball (Skee-Ball) game, if you release the ball too lightly, it will gradually roll back down the alley to you and allow you to try again without loosing a ball. Players will even receive tickets and prizes as they play, which can be turned in for wearable rewards used to customize their in-game characters.

Look for this Wii exclusive in stores on Tuesday (August 28). If you are in the New York City area this Saturday (August 25), stop by Nintendo World in Rockefeller Center for the Carnival Games launch event.