Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Cyber Monday

For many of us, today is the day we return to work after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Even those that don't work are usually returning to their regular schedules today. So we want to say, "Welcome back"! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

For the past few years, the Monday following Thanksgiving has been called Cyber Monday as many people return to work and schedules that place them back on the Internet where they do a lot of shopping. If you prefer to go Online rather than stand in line for your holiday gift purchases you will be happy to hear that this year, many online retailers are offering free shipping regardless of how much you spend.

With many consumers keeping a more careful watch on their holiday spending we were wondering how this year's busiest day of shopping, Black Friday, performed. Apparently, most retail stores saw larger than expected sales figures for the day but had to provide deeper than usual discounts to achieve those numbers. There is a great article written by Michael Barbaro, in today's Business section of The New York Times with all the facts and figures for this past Friday. You can read it now by clicking here.

So did you head to the stores last Friday or will you be shopping Online today?