Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Star Wars Holiday Fun - Chanukah Edition

Last week we posted about some fun and cool Star Wars Christmas ideas and this week, in honor of the festival of lights, we bring you the Droidel!

That's right! It's an R2-D2 inspired Dreidel and you can make one yourself by downloading and printing the Droidel pdf image, here, and following these instructions:

From StarWars.com:

How To Make a Paper Droidel:

1. Print out the Droidel PDF and glue it to a thin piece of cardstock or cardboard like from a cereal box

2. Once the glue is dry, have an adult carefully cut it out along the edges (including the flaps). Also cut out R2-D2's circle dome.

3. Carefully cut out the circle. This is where the small pencil or a straw will go -- so you can spin the dreidel like a top.

4. Fold along the lines on the inside, then glue or tape where the flaps tell you. Do the top part last.

5. Fold the top extra R2-D2 circle top into a wide cone and place on top of the dreidel with glue or tape. Make sure the holes line up.

6. Then stick in a small pencil or a straw through the holes you cut at the top.

7. Now you're read to play!