Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reviews: Liv Dolls

Manufacturer: Spin Master
Age Recommendation: 5 and up
MSRP: $19.99
Intro Year: 2009
There's a dramatic new introduction in the fashion doll arena-one that's targeted to pre-teens who may be too old to play dolls in a traditional way, but who are into fashion, collecting and online communication.
The new Liv line is a collection of four dolls, each with a unique personality. The dolls have been designed to represent "real" girls, or at least idealized versions of attainable goals that pre-teens can relate to, rather than a total fantasy world. (After all for a pre-teen, that magical day when they become teenagers is a very real fantasy!)
Sophie, Katie, Alexis, and Daniela are fun, bold, funny, and have their own personalities. Sophie loves trying out new hairstyles on her friends because she wants to be a celeb stylist one day. Daniela loves to sing and randomly breaks into song wherever she gets the urge. Alexis hopes to launch her very own fashion line someday. Katie can totally grind on her skateboard, but trips just crossing the street. The beauty of Liv girls is that they embody real girls through their hobbies and fashion.
And just like real girls, the Liv girls love playing online. Their owners can join in the online fun at livworld.com. When you purchase a doll, you will also receive a secret access code that unlocks the Liv world. In this safe online play area, you can read Liv girls' super secret diaries, watch videos, play games, try on virtual outfits, and take photos of Liv girls having fun!
The dolls are just as much fun to play with offline as online. Each Liv girls doll comes with awesome outfits and two hairstyles, but this is no ordinary hair play. With Liv dolls, girls can really change a doll's hair through the use of wigs! Does Sophie want to go from blonde to green? How about giving Daniela super straight hair? There are two wig assortments, bold and sleek (sold separately), featuring exciting, colorful, and stylish new hairstyles for girls to try out on their dolls. Girls can even create the new looks in a salon setting with the Salon Set, which comes with a styling chair, two wigs, hair extensions, and extra accessories.
Once the hair is changed, Liv dolls will need new outfits to go with it! Girls can update their dolls' looks through Fashion Accessories Assortments, which come with a variety of items, such as scarves, boots, and sunglasses, or Fashion Assortments, which come with six fashion pieces and two pairs of shoes. These fashions are super trendy, while at the same time staying age-appropriate.
For on-the-go fun, the My Room Foldout Playset is the perfect 2-in-1 storage and play environment. Fold out the playset for a bedroom environment with armoire, dresser with drawers that really open, and a pull-down bed! This is the perfect place to store a Liv doll and her accessories-fold it up and take it with you!
These beautiful dolls will inspire play and interaction. The combination of real world and online play has been well developed and the world of the dolls is very nicely done and rich for play.