Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Review: Trio Building Set with Storage

Manufacturer: Fisher-Price

Brand: Trio

Age Recommendation: 3 and up

MSRP: $29.99

Intro Year: 2009

Fisher-Price's Trio building system is specially designed to make building easier for even the smallest of hands. Three "grow with me" building levels make building a snap. Kids can feel and hear the click when they've connected the building pieces and the pieces will stay together throughout play, only coming apart when kids are ready to take them apart. Each set can be built and rebuilt in a variety of ways, letting kids build whatever they can imagine! And the pieces from the different sets can be mixed and matched for even more imaginative building.

The Trio Building Set with Storage comes with bricks, sticks, and panels that click and hold together for big building play. The set comes in bright colors and includes custom parts such as figures, wheels and chassis, and a durable tub for convenient storage and portability. The storage bin lid also doubles as a building base! Kids can build suggested designs or use their imaginations to create something all their own! This 100-piece set is a great way to get kids started with the Trio building system.


Joy and Melissa said...

Would love to win this toy! @madly59

Jeff said...

Joy & Melissa - theToyGuy will ask a trivia question today at 1pm (EST) on Twitter. be the first to correctly answer and you will win this toy!

Lo said...

Oh, I must say that I absolutely love trio building blocks! My son totally loves playing and building with them and really gets into it giving me time to myself!