Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Nanos!

Apple unveiled its new line of iPod Nanos and we wonder if Rainbow Bright is now leading the company's design. The new Nano is tall and skinny with a large screen and available in nine vibrant colors that make us want to eat Skittles. Under the hood, new features include an accelerometer, which automatically flips the screen when you rotate the player, and an ability to shuffle songs by shaking the player. The new iPod nanos come in 8GB and 16GB, and are available for $150 and $199, respectively.

Additional news from Apple's Lets Rock event, held yesterday in San Francisco, put the spotlight on a new iTunes upgrade, which will include an automatic playlist generator and HD programming capabilities. The iPod Touch is also getting some new internal enhancements as well as a new case design and external volume controls.