Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sony Announces A New PSP Handheld

Tech-obsessed blogs and web sites have been speculating about a new PSP for months and Sony has finally put the speculation to rest with the announcement of the PSP 3000. The new version, which arrives in stores in mid-October, will have a built-in microphone and a new screen which has more colors and is better suited for use outdoors. The addition of the microphone will allow PSP owners to use the gaming device as a phone and will probably also open the door for game developers to integrate some of the same sound and voice elements that can currently be found in many Nintendo DS games.

So far, the PSP 3000 has been receiving a lackluster reception as most gamers had hoped for far more improvements and upgrades including a redesigned button layout for a more comfortable grip. The PSP 3000 will retail for $294, a slight price increase from the current slim version of the PSP, which will remain on sale.

- Jeff