Thursday, February 12, 2009

Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer

Mattel unveiled several of their new techy toys at last month's CES show in Las Vegas. One item was the Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer and it is really cool. The printer, and the included software, lets kids create and design their own fingernail decals and then prints them directly on the nail.

The software comes loaded with 1000’s of designs including flowers, patterns, seasonal icons and, of course, plenty of Barbie images. There is also the ability to upload your own images to use with the printer, which means you can print just about anything you want on your nails. All of the printing is done with cosmetic grade ink and the designs can be rubbed off immediately or coated with clear polish to last for several days.

The Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer should be in stores this Fall. Stay tuned for more information including price and where to buy when it becomes available.