Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mind Control Going Mainstream

by Jeff

Two of the coolest toys we saw last week at Toy Fair were Mattel's Mind Flex and Uncle Milton's Star Wars: The Force Trainer. Both items require you to control an object with your mind. Yes, for real.

Mattel's Mind Flex is an obstacle course game in which you use your mind to control a ball floating in air as you try to navigate the ball through the course. You advance the ball around the course by turning a knob but it's your mind that causes the ball to rise or lower on the air current allowing it to pass over, under or through the different obstacles. The Mind Flex harnesses your brain's power through a headband dohicky that includes clasps that are clipped onto your ear lobes.

Uncle Milton's Star Wars: The Force Trainer also features a ball and air current but here the object is to use your mind to effectively control the ball and it's height inside a tube. There are multiple levels and each level requires greater concentration as you try to raise the ball to a certain height. Similar to the Mind Flex, Star Wars: The Force Trainer also requires you to wear a piece of headgear, however, this one has nodules that have to rest behind your ears.