Friday, February 09, 2007

News From Toy Fair

Toy Fair 2007 is off to a great start. Chris and I began our day with the Cheetah Girls who were promoting their new line of dolls from Jakks Pacific. The girls were full of energy and "Cheetah-licious", even at the crack of dawn. The girls took a few minutes to talk with Chris for our first podcast so check back here later for the interview.

Later, I toured the Mattel showroom, where I got an early look at some exciting new toys for 07 including a new Tyco R/C monster, TriClops, this year's Matchbox Mega Rig, Shark Ship, plus a new line of DC Superfriends action figures for preschoolers.

Keep an eye out later this year for The Batman Shadowtech, a line of gadget and tech-inspired figures, vehicles, and weapons plus Battleague, a new collectible battle figure game with miniature figures sculpted by the Four Horseman.

Radica has two very cool products from their GirlTech line, Video Journal and IM Me. Video Journal includes a digital camera and software that allows you to record and customize video journal entries. IM Me is a working wireless messaging device that works with a home internet connection.

Back at Jakks, I got a look at their latest Plug 'N Play device, the Eye-Clops. This digital camera magnifies objects up to 200 times and displays the super close-up image on your TV. You can use the Eye-Clops to closely examine any of the 75 new Pokemon basic figures coming out in 2007.
-J. McKinney


Anonymous said...

I have a Nephew who is looking for a Video Journal and I can't find anything that suits his needs. The "Pink" packaging is a dead giveaway that would send the wrong message. Boys need something for them to Journal thier thoughts too, is there anything available for them?