Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hot Off The Presses!

Warner Bros. Studios will let the Thundercats loose on the big screen!

The studio announced it has optioned a script by Paul Sopocy to turn the popular 1980s animated series and toy line into a CGI animated film. The script deals with the background storey of the Thundercats, with a focus on team leader, Lion-O's coming of age.

The Thundercats was originally developed and produced by Rankin/Bass Productions, and debuted in 1983 and told the story of the Thunderians, who were forced to flee their dying home world of Thundera. The Thundercats franchise went on to spawn several animated series, including the most recent airing on Cartoon Network in 1997.

Production and release dates have yet to be announced for the new CGI movie. Stay tuned to theToyGuy blog for more information as it becomes available.

-J. McKinney


Knut Gleditsch said...

I can't wait for this to come out.. I'm a huge fan of the series, I remember having lots of the toys when I was a kid :)

Keep posting, and I'll keep reading..