Monday, June 04, 2007

Transformers Toys Roll Out

One day last week, I arrived at theToyGuy HQ to find a giant cube full of Transformers goodies waiting for me on my desk. Thank you, Hasbro and my new best friends at Hunter PR! The box was filled with all sorts of Transformers toys and goodies from the upcoming film due in theaters July 4.

Sure this box included, among other items, the Mr. Potato Head Optimus, Robot Fighters Game, Arm Blaster, a comic book, and cool T-shirt that I donned over the weekend, but what I dove into instantly were the figures! As a nearly life-long fan of these robots in disguise I was eager to put the new toys to the test and I can say without doubt they pass.

I took a crack at Optimus Prime, and have to be honest, it took me nearly 30 minutes to transform him from vehicle to robot and back (I must be getting rusty at this). The Optimus figure features lights and sounds and many of the new figures, including Optimus, come with "Automorph Technology", a simple automatic movement during the transformation. Personally, I find the Automorph feature to be a bit unnecessary as the figures are impressive enough on their own. After Optimus, with a level 4 conversion rating, I checked out two of the smaller level 3s, Barricade and Bonecrusher. Both were much easier and quicker to transform but no less rewarding. One thing I've noticed with these three figures is that they have been given extra stability in their feet, which makes them much easier to stand and display - a touch that collectors will appreciate.

All of the Transformers toys, games and products arrived in stores over the weekend. Look for the video game due closer to the film's release.

-J. McKinney