Friday, March 14, 2008

Majesco Delivers Six New Nintendo Games

Thank you to Majesco and Bender/Helper for giving me a look at some of Majesco's games coming out over the next few months. All of the games look like great titles and we are excited to get some hands-on time with them when they arrive. Three of the titles are Wii exclusives and each will probably find it's own following. For kids, Wild Earth: African Safari (Wii, Spring 2008, RP) puts the gamer in the perspective of a photo journalist and asks them to take photos of the African continent’s exotic wild life.

Gamers of all ages will enjoy playing Blast Works (Wii, May 2008, E) - a 2D side-scroller in which as you destroy enemies from your flying vessel, you’ll catch their parts and use them to make your own ship bigger and stronger. Blast Works also has a component that will appeal to the more hardcore gamer as it contains the ability to design, create, and play your own version of the game and all it's elements.

The third Wii exclusive is a party game that kids, teens, and adults will really enjoy. Wonder World Amusement Park (Wii, June 2008, RP), recreates all the fun of an amusement park, complete with rides and such, then adds in a huge dosing of hysterical mini-games.

In addition to these Wii games, Majesco also has three new titles for the DS. Eco Creatures (DS, March 2008, E), is a real time strategy game where you control battalions of cute woodland creatures to defend your forest and reclaim polluted lands.

Nanostray 2 (DS, February 2008, E), which arrived in stores last month, is an intense 3D shooter that allows players to configure their own weapons and battle through 32 challenges.

Finally, a game that really speaks to us, Toy Shop (DS, April 2008, RP), will put the gamer in the position of running a toy store and building the toys that go on the shelves. In this simulation game, players will create a store by placing shelves, display tables and even the cash register in an empty store. Then they will track their customers to determine what those customers want and finally, they will build the toys in the back room to meet the customers demand and hopefully ring up big sales.

Stay tuned to for reviews of these games as they become available.

- J. McKinney