Monday, March 24, 2008

Print A Toy?

There is an interesting interview with toy inventor, Andrew Comfort, who created Q-BA-MAZE, on the Wired blog - GeekDad. In the introduction to the interview itself, John Baichtal brings up the point that 3D printers are becoming more available and as such, making it possible for independent inventors to bring their ideas to life.

Here is an exert:

"As 3D printers become desktop tech rather than factory tech, we're starting to see exciting new products come into play -- products which may have been overlooked in the old pipeline, where design and prototyping costs kept the little guy out, and marketing costs were prohibitive. But Minneapolis' Andrew Comfort can tell you, it's a new world now."

This got us to wondering about the possibility of 3D printers for the average consumer. Imagine if, rather than purchasing a toy in its package from a store, you could just download and print it.