Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh What a Night!

Well, if you watched the Kids' Choice Awards on Nick, and we're betting you did, you probably saw what an exciting, Slime-filled evening it was. Of course, the slime-light of the evening was Jack Black and Orlando Bloom getting doused with 27 tons of Slime, that just kept pouring even after the end of the show! Harrison Ford got doused as well, and as someone who's been on the receiving end of the slime, all I can say is, welcome to the club!

And as much fun as it was to watch at home, you can only imagine how exciting it was to be there. We got to work the Orange Carpet before the show, which was pretty cool. Who knew that Hayden Panettiere was a big fan of construction toys and Tonka when she was a little girl, for instance?

Here's where you can check out more from the Orange Carpet.

Or that The Jonas Brothers are such nice guys? Guess it shouldn't come as so great a surprise. Nobody got a louder ovation when they came into the hall, or got up on stage, or walked around, or signed as many autographs.

The Pauley Arena at UCLA was full of kids and families, all of whom were there for what turned out to be a big party. Miley Cyrus was there, of course, nabbing for Favorite Female Singer. She also sang a new song, and the crowd went wild.

The other singing group was The Naked Brothers Band who performed their new hit, "Don't Wanna Go To School" amidst all kinds of extreme athletes and dancers. Quite a production.

Of course, you probably don't need to be told all of this. If you missed the show, you can read all about it on the official KCA Web site.

We were kind of impressed with all the things that went on in between the acts, when folks at home were watching commercials. The minute they went into a break, swarms of stagehands came out to clean up the Slime, put up the next sets and keep the show running. Probably the biggest job of all is coordinating all of that.

Plus, we were also invited to the super party right after the show. In a huge tent just outside the arena, we and about a thousand or so of our closest friends and fellow Nick fans got to have a buffet and share in all kinds of great activities, including checking out great exhibits by Hasbro, learn all the moves from the hot new show starring the Nick Six, stars of the new show Dance on Sunset, and watch as kids (It was kids only.) got their hair styled in a unique Nick do.

The combination of sugar and adrenaline was a perfect storm of excitement, and as we left, we saw a lot of exhausted--but exhilarated--kids being carried back to the car. Talk about fun nights. Only 364 days till the next one--more or less.


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Sounds like a great time!