Thursday, August 14, 2008

Konami's New International Track And Field

If you can't get enough Olympics action then maybe you should check out Konami's New International Track And Field for the Nintendo DS. The game features over 20 classic track and field challenges, including the 100 meter sprint, high jump, archery, pole vaulting, and javelin throw. Konami fans will instantly recognize some of the familiar characters from other Konami games and everyone will get a kick out of customizing their own athletes.

New International Track And Field takes full advantage of the DS's unique attributes such as the touch screen and microphone-shouting words of encouragement at your athlete will give the character a boost. You don't have to travel to China to challenge the world because this game also has an online component that uses the DS's Wi-Fi connection to enable you to enter tournaments and view your international ranking.

New International Track And Field is rated E10+ and is available now in stores and online e-commerce sites for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

- Jeff