Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Toy Fair Recap: Bandai

We know, we know - Toy Fair is over. But we still have so many great toys to tell you about so we are continuing our Toy Fair recaps this week. Lets get back into the coverage with Bandai!

The Power Rangers continue to be a huge hit for Bandai and this year we will see a whole new batch of figures, vehicles, and role-play items for the Power Rangers Jungle Fury line. A newer property that is also becoming an evergreen success for Bandai is Ben 10. We will see plenty of figures, accessories and role-play items for Ben 10 as well as Sumo Slammers, which bring one of the cartoon Ben's favorite past times to life. A new property that Bandai will create a line of figures for is Blue Dragon - an animated series, which is a classic adventure story of magical Shadow powers, flying air fortresses and unbounded heroism.

2008 marks the release of Tamagotchi Version 5 and this time, its all about raising a family. Speaking of electronics, Bandai's Girlz Connect line will introduce new LocketPals in a range of colors.