Thursday, February 28, 2008

Toy Fair Recap: Wild Planet, Uncle Milton, Zizzle

Last year Wild Planet introduced a new game that turned into quite a success, called Hyper Dash. This year they will introduce two new versions of the popular get-up-and-move game with a very cute preschool version and newly imagined Hyper Jump, that will have kids jumping for joy.

Uncle Milton, the company that took ants from the picnic to the spotlight with the Ant Farm, has a new pest product that will likely raise a stink. It's a remote controlled skunk and it is sure to delight pranksters everywhere when it hits the shelves later this year. From pest to pet, Uncle Milton has it covered with the Pet's Eye View camera. This handy digital camera attaches to a pets collar and snaps random pictures as your pet goes about his or her day. Finally, good old Uncle Milty has a line of Indiana Jones items including a bedroom security toy that dumps spiders on any intruder.

Toy makers Zizzle, burst onto the scene a few years ago with iZ and have continued to develop top-notch electronic toys ever since. This year we can expect a line of ESPN branded hand-held games, a High School Musical karaoke microphone, and Hip Hop - a game that clips onto your belt and gets you up and moving to play.


Kai said...

Wild Planet games are amazing!! Prefer to play them...