Friday, February 15, 2008

Toy Fair Recap: Fisher-Price

We took our first Toy Fair showroom tour yesterday and it was one of the biggies - Fisher-Price. We won't beat around the bush here, the most impressive item in the showroom was by far this year's Elmo doll. Elmo Live, which will be in stores this October, is the most life-like and realistic representation of the Sesame Street puppet ever made. Not only does Elmo Live laugh and move but he stands up, sits down, crosses his legs, and waves his arms all while telling jokes, stories and flapping his mouth open and shut just like the puppet. If you catch a video of this toy in action, you would have a hard time differentiating it from the TV puppet.

Elmo wasn't the only impressive toy that Fisher-Price will release this year. Following on the success of last year's Laugh & Learn Smart Cycle, this year Fisher-Price will introduce the Laugh & Learn Smart Bounce & Spin Pony. This classic playground-themed ride for infants connects to the TV via a wireless IR device and the animated action on the TV is controlled by the movement of the child.

Another cool Fisher-Price toy is Spike the Ultra Dinosaur. This realistic moving R/C dinosaur walks, stands up on it's hind legs, makes sounds and features spikes along its back and tail that light up.

Two kid favorite cartoons will have some exciting new toys this year from Fisher-Price. Dora the Explorer will explore new heights when she teams up with a flying horse for the Dora Prance & Fly Pegasus toy. From this November's TV movie, “Dora Saves the Snow Princess”, Dora Prance & Fly Pegasus is a two-piece toy with a Dora and Pegasus doll that interact with each other and tell stories based on the movie.

Dora's cousin, Diego, has a great new line of track and vehicle based toys called Animal Rescue Railway. A flexible track system will allow kids to connect three separate play-sets each with their own animal rescue adventures.

We could go on and on about all of the great toys we saw at Fisher-Price but this is a blog and not a novel. So you can take it from us, from licensed characters to activity products to kid-tough electronics, Fisher-Price has a great line in store for kids this year.

Check back later today for our next showroom recap - Mattel!


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