Monday, February 18, 2008

Toy Fair Recap: Mattel Part 2

This is part two of our Mattel showroom recap. Scroll down to the earlier post for part one.

In addition to the Barbie items we mentioned in the previous post, Mattel has a bunch of great toys for girls coming out in 2008 including a new Disney Princess doll - Sleeping Beauty, which comes with the three fairies from the movie who fight over the color of Sleeping Beauty's dress. The doll's dress actually changes color so kids can recreate that scene from the movie.

Look for more new Polly Pocket Pop 'N Swap figures, more High School Musical singing dolls, a new Little Mommy doll, and a new property we were only teased with called MyMeebas, which will be unveiled in June.

For boys, in addition to the items we mentioned last week, Matchbox will continue it's successful Mega Rigs line with a new space theme this year. We can also expect a range of figures, playsets, and role-play items for the next Batman movie. Speaking of movies, Mattel will also release new Cars minis, larger vehicles and a new programmable, "walking" Lightning McQueen car.

Check back later for our recap of the Hasbro showroom.