Monday, March 16, 2009

This Week's New Video Game Releases

Parents, just because a game is available for Nintendo's DS does not mean that it's appropriate for kids. Case in point, this week's Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. As with all Grand Theft games, this one is rated Mature for for blood, gore, drug references, sexual content, strong language, and violence. Despite that list of lasciviousness, this is a fun game but it is not for kids. Make sure to check the rating of any game, regardless of what game system it is for, before buying a game for kids.

Here are our picks for this week's best new games:

Crayola Colorful Journey (Wii, rated Everyone)
Turn your TV into a virtual coloring book when you join Filup, Violet, and Spot on a journey through Crayola Land. Players will explore this colorful world through challenges and obstacles that require the Wii Remote to solve.

Totally Spies! Totally Party (PS2, Wii, rated Everyone)
In Totally Spies! Totally Party, you can help Alex, Clover, and Sam (three Beverly Hills teens by day and secret agents by night) balance their sleuthing and homework assignments. The game consists mainly of mini-games played on 10 game boards and a showroom based on the daily life of the spies.

Scrabble (DS. PSP, rated Everyone)
Take on the challenge of becoming the great word wizard that you have always wanted to be with this update of Scrabble. In addition to the single player and wireless multi-player game modes, Scrabble includes training exercises that strengthen your vocabulary, pattern recognition, and point strategies that can be applied to the baord and digital games.

Hasbro Family Game Night (Xbox360, rated Everyone)
Join your host Mr. Potato Head for fun and games in Hasbro Family Game Night, a package that allows you to play classic games that you know and love, such as Connect Four, Battleship, Yahtzee, Boggle, Sorry! and Sorry! Sliders. Or get into your favorite games in a brand new way, with new games such as Connect 4 Power Chips, Boggle Portal Cubes, Reverse Yahtzee and Battleship Barrage!

Posted by Jeff