Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Week's New Video Games

This is the week gamers have been waiting for as one of the most anticipated games of the year, Resident Evil 5, arrives in stores on the 13th. RE5 is rated Mature and definitely not for kids. That doesn't mean kids and families don't also have some great new games to choose from. Check out our list of our favorite games due in stores this week.

Animal Planet: Emergency Vets (DS, rated Everyone)
From the popular Animal Planet series Emergency Vets, play as an up-and-coming veterinarian that helps the other vets at the Alameda East Hospital perform veterinary procedures on a variety of different animals.

MySims Party (Wii, rated Everyone)
Up to 4 players can test their wits, quickness and skill in 50 mini-games, each hosted by a different MySim. Each of your friends and you can select a custom team of 4 characters to play the huge variety MySims Party has to offer.

My Pet Shop (DS, rated Everyone)
From the people who brought you Cooking Mama! Raise, train, and care for pets as you manage your own pet shop. Adventure into the wilderness in search of rare and unusual pets like pandas and penguins. Play minigames with your pets, and enter them in contests and competitions. Over 40 types of animals, with over 126 color and pattern variations to collect!

Trivial Pursuit (X360, rated Everyone)
The Trivial Pursuit video game from EA builds on the original gameplay with stunning visual presentation, new categories of questions, all-new never before seen questions, and the innovative Facts & Friends game mode. The quick-playing Facts & Friends mode adds a whole new social dynamic to the game that keeps everyone involved by encouraging players to guess whether their opponents will answer their questions correctly.